Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dish crawl

God bless my husband. He knows just how to make a rough day end on a good note. I came home from work yesterday with the notice that we would be going on a special surprise mid-week dinner date night, and that I should get ready to do a lot of walking. We were going on a "dishcrawl"!

I'd never heard of it before, but Dishcrawl** is a company that puts together events that are like pub crawls with food, or  progressive dinners at restaurants rather than homes. Rather than going out to eat at one place, you go on a walking tour of sorts and have dishes at four or five.
Starting out in Restaurant #1 // The food tasted a whole lot better than my cruddy photo would suggest
It's a preset tour and they don't happen all the time, but there was one last night in our town and Tim surprised me with tickets! Good work, hubby. It was such a cool experience; we got to try out a bunch of restaurants we'd never visited before, and met a few really fun people that night.

Blurry husband // happy wife

The thing is, though? We were starving after we were done! It was silly, really; each of the four restaurants gave us a sampling of three of their dishes, maybe two bites worth of each. And since we were at each restaurant for twenty to thirty minutes, any sustenance we may have gotten from the teeny bites wasn't cuttin' it. Plus the fact that the tickets said "drinks included", but "drinks" only included water. Not like I needed to booze at all four restaurants, but even a coke? C'mon. Plus, I've been to one of those restaurants before, and wine is NOT $10 per glass normally. Pssh.
It was pretty fun, definitely, but I think maybe a "DIY dishcrawl" would be an more fun date night. Plot out your own path of restaurants, grab an appetizer at each one (or split an entree), then finish off with dessert somewhere? It would be an easy way to get a survey of a few different restaurants, and fun for a group! 

**I was NOT compensated for this post (obviously). 


  1. You guys look great. Wonderful blog!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ... 'Chic in Valentino' and 'Island Style'. I would love to read what you think.


  2. This is such a fun idea! I've never done a progressive dinner or anything like that, but it seems like an awesome time. Too bad they wouldn't give you a real drink!

  3. Love the idea! Always looking for great date night ideas! Thanks for sharing :)



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