Friday, January 18, 2013

cap-toe shoes // diy

DIY cap toe shoes
Today's DIY is a simple one. It's probably so easy that it doesn't even warrant a tutorial, but I snapped some pictures while I was doing this and figured HEY why not.
A pair of shoes that fit well but are showing wear along the toes. I picked my FAVORITE two-year-old glitter flats because the toes are suspiciously glitter-free from all the tripping and toe-stubbing I do throughout the day, and if I ruined them it was time for a new pair anyway.
{not pictured: foam brush, acrylic paint, and plain-'ol scotch tape} 
Step 1: 
Start by taping off the section of the toe you'd like to paint. Curve the tape a little, although straight-across would look good too. Press firmly on the tape to get it to adhere to the crazy glitter of the shoe you chose. Start rethinking your decision, but don't stop now!
Step 2: 
Squirt a little paint onto the toe part and fret a bit because it wasn't exactly the shade you were expecting. Go with it anyway. {Tip: A little goes a long way. A dab this size was able to cover both toes well}
Step 3. 
Start painting! Try to start on top of the tape and brush down, to minimize paint seepage underneath. 
DIY cap toe shoes
Step 4: 
Peel off tape carefully, while paint is still wet. Do a little happy dance, but make sure to subdue it since the paint is still wet and your husband is getting tired of finding paint on the carpet.
Tadaaaaaaa! These are still my favorite shoes, and now they've got a pop of color!  The paint has a sort of satin finish rather than gloss, so it has good contrast to the shiny-ness of the shoe. But when the sun hits it, the glitter still shows through!
diy cap toe shoes
I'm probably going to line the cap-toe with some gold paint, to give it more of a crisp edge. There was some bleeding {as you can see above}, but it's not noticeable unless you get really close, and I've got some gold paint that would match the shoe perfectly!



  1. Cute! I have a pair of nude flats I'll probably have to "update" soon. They're just too comfy to get rid of!

  2. These are gorgeous! I'll have to search back through old shoes to find a pair that I can use. (:

  3. These are adorable! What type if acrylic pain did you use? I tried using crafter's acrylic paint, but the paint chipped after one wear. Any suggestions???

  4. @ CocoaJones (and anyone else who's wondering), I just used Liquitex Basics acrylic paint (the kind in the tube, looks like this. I haven't had any issues with mine yet, but it could be that since mine had a good deal of texture the paint adhered really well. You might need to use a primer first :(


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