Monday, January 28, 2013


// burned half the saved branches from the Christmas tree.
// conquered our overflowing laundry "issue". We are currently a load-a-day couple until it's under control. Who would have ever thought? #andIjustdonatedhalfmyclothes #howdoesthishappen? We made it more glamourous with champagne and candles, but it's still laundry.
// went on an afternoon date that included beer tasting as well as a trip to the dollar store #heknowsmewell
// slept in a ridiculous amount. #totallyworththeneckache
// me-time that involved both crafting and The Bachelor catchup #theonlywaytowatch #imsofarbehind
// people-watched at the International Film Festival. We didn't actually go, but it was almost more entertaining to sit outside and watch the crazies.
// watched way too many episodes of Dexter #wecantcontrolourselveseither

Glamorous, it was not, but exactly what we needed? Totally.
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  1. flights of beer? love.

    stoping by from the linkup!

  2. I love a good beer flight! That has me dreaming of the weekend....

  3. Trust me, I feel like we are having that same issue with our dishes AND laundry. No bueno! And what did you think of the last episode of The Bachelor? Who are you rooting for?
    xo TJ


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