Friday, April 12, 2013

hop on a train to Hollywood

Thursday afternoon, I caught a south-bound train headed for Hollywood. My gorgeous Aunt is getting married on Saturday, and the ladies of the family gathered to lend a hand in the prep!
My sneaky cousin Sydney surprised us all--she flew in from KOREA for the wedding! She kept it a secret for a month! We were so happy to see her--I totally cried.
The next day, we focused on cupcakes, centerpieces and bouquets, and signage. Busy busy!
If you've ever wondered what 20 dozen roses looked like, here you go!
 I've never done bouquets before, but I feel like they turned out pretty well. Can't wait to see them at the wedding tomorrow!!! 
Get ready for LOTS of wedding-related shots on my instagram feed this weekend {follow the journey: brittymack}. Jenny's getting MARRIED!
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