Sunday, April 14, 2013

the reception!

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The reception for my Aunt's wedding was held at a dear friend's house a few hours later, so us guests could shower and get all gussied up. (Thankfully; we were pretty gross!). Here are a few details:
The centerpieces we had worked on the day before looked so cute!  
Jen made her wedding cake and almost every.single.item on the dessert table. Everything else was contributed by family members. Lots of love went into that dessert table!
I still can't believe Jenny made this pretty cake. She didn't even get to cut it, but it sure was lovely!
Most of the contributions were from old family recipes. Lots of history there! 
In addition to all of these goodies, the reception was also catered by the Kogi BBQ truck. OH MY GOSH so delicious. This truck is so popular that neighbors walking dogs tried to sneak in and have some. They settled for finding out where the truck would be after the reception was over. SO funny!
First dance
Let the fun times roll! Lots of dancing, catching up, cocktails, dessert, and tacos.
This wasn't even staged. They're pretty cute, huh?
Our friend Joe (who met the bride and groom at OUR wedding and has been "in" since!) and brother Devon.
The four cousins: Devon, Jack, Sydney, and me 
Sydney was the child charmer. They adored her.  She told them she lived in China.
the bride and her cousins who came from ALL OVER to celebrate her
My gorgeous family! Devon and Adri, Tim and I, Momma and Daddy 
The fam plus Joe! Love ya buddy 
Jenny and I. Isn't she so pretty?!
Joe, Jenny, and I
After a long and incredibly fun evening, we called it a night. It was a night to remember for a LONG TIME. 
Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Lloyd!

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  1. All of these desserts look beautiful! Almost too beautiful to eat! That wedding definitely looked fun. (:

  2. What a fun wedding!! love the cake, gorgeous!


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