Friday, April 5, 2013


If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you have probably heard about "The Lake".
Tim's mom has had a cabin on Lake Nacimiento for almost 25 years; Tim grew up there, and when I came into his life, we began making our own memories there.

It was where we got engaged, spent part of our honeymoon, and celebrated our First Anniversary.
Throughout our dating and married life, the cabin has become a fixture. Such a retreat just three hours away! Anytime we needed to "get away from it all", we'd hop on up to the lake. Memorial Days, Fourth of Julys, St-Patrick's Days, winter days, random need-to-catch-up-on-work days, backbreaking work days and lay-in-the-sun all day days. Even the drive home brings back so many memories!

This year, though, Summer will be different for us. Easter Sunday, the cabin sold. We all thought it was an April Fools joke at first, but no. We're heading up today to pack it up.

There are still two "family" cabins up there, so our days of memory-making at the lake are not necessarily over just because "our" cabin sold. But will it be the same?

Growing up sucks sometimes.

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  1. So sad! I know how much you guys loved that place; hopefully soon you can have a "place" where you can start making memories as your own family. Sorry about the "loss"--I'll pray for you guys this weekend.

  2. The place was so pretty! Good luck this weekend, and congratulations on selling it!

  3. That does sorta suck- I would really struggle with that as well.

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