Monday, April 22, 2013

how engaging!

Before I post my fifth (!) and final recap of our NYC trip, I had to pop in and exclaim my excitement: my darling "baby" brother who I love ever so dearly is ENGAGED! YAY!

Our impromptu "He said YES!" party after brother got her father's permission to propose. Poor guy was so tired!

He had planned  to propose awhile ago but unbeknownst to him the jeweler needed a few weeks weeks to get the ring {rather than the two days max he was told earlier}. He didn't discover this until after a 20 hour round trip to ask her parents for permission to marry him. Family and friends had to keep their mouths shut for three weeks as the ring took its merry time getting to him.

BUT NO LONGER! I am so excited to soon welcome a new sister into the family. Let the planning begin!

photo received from brother right after finally picking up the ringgggg // looks way better on her finger, amirite? 
Engagement announcement: "Ultimate dibs" Aren't they adorable?

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