Saturday, April 20, 2013

NYC Part 4

The afternoon on our third day in NYC, we walked up through Upper East Side and Central Park. The first thing we did was bust out a pastry in front of Tiffany's, because um hellooooo? It's iconic. They decked the entire BUILDING out for The Great Gatsby, which was pretty awesome. Not only was the first floor and all windows Gatsby themed, but they put giant chandelier and pearl decals all over th entire outside of the building too! Spectacular.
After exploring Tiffany's for awhile, we checked off one of the #1 things on my NYC bucket list: cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar!
Momofuku (or Milk, either name is fine) is an OMGG bakery with a few locations all over Manhattan. (Not planning a trip to Manhattan anytime soon? Williams & Sonoma recently started carrying their cookie mixes!). They're so nondescript and hard to miss--we walked past it twice before I noticed the tiny "Momofuku" peach on the doors and the sign next to it. We ordered a few of their specialty cookies (Compost, blueberries and cream, and peanut butter) and took them with us to Central Park.
The Compost Cookie was by far the BEST (cookie with butterscotch, chocolate chips, corn flakes, potato chips, coffee, and pretzels omgggggggggggg), but we tried the blueberries and cream and peanut butter too. We took 'em to Central Park, where we got the stink eye from Tim's new friend :)
No food was shared, don't worry; Mr. Squirrel was a cheeky bugger and has clearly learned that tourists=food!
By this point, the sun was beginning to set, so we wandered awhile through the park enjoying the fresh air and green!!! Just a few days and I'd really started to miss seeing wide sweeping "nature". 
Central Park Zoo
I couldn't believe the cherry blossoms in Central Park!! Absolutely gorgeous. Santa Barbara, blossoms are in full bloom for about a week, then we never see them again.

Continuing our wandering, we briefly revisited Rockefeller Center. Of course we stopped by the NBC Studios, where the show "30 Rock" takes place. Everything was closed by this point, but it was still cool to see it and pretend.
We also quickly walked through Times Square and were so overwhelmed and starving by this point that we abandoned it and headed out to find food.
We ended up at the Grill in Bryant park, which was DELICIOUS.
We ordered the lamb tacos as an appetizer and they were SO TEENY TINY that we couldn't even believe it! They were delicious though. It was here that Tim ordered his first Manhattan in Manhattan and we basked in the stereotypicality.

Day 3 was a fantastic success. Lots checked off the NYC bucket list :)
Lastly, I canNOT get over how gorgeous Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building are, and how even more beautiful they are lit up at night. And they can both be seen at once! Fabulous; can't capture this much beauty on an iphone.
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