Monday, April 8, 2013


This weekend was a bittersweet ordeal. While we were glad that Tim's mom was finally able to sell the cabin (after trying for three years!), it was definitely difficult to think we'll never do anymore spur-of-the-moment lake retreats*.We'd come to rely on those as mental-health getaways!
*while we'll still be able to visit the lake, it will now always have to be with another cabin-owning family member, due to the rules of the community. Since Tim is no longer the son of an owner, we no longer have access alone.
The majority of our time was spent cleaning, sorting, tossing, and packing up the things we'd want at home or at any of the other family cabins. There was a LOT to sort through; they've had this place for almost 25 years!

Saturday night, we had dinner with the rest of the extended family. The theme of the dinner seemed to be "lake life goes on"; We BBQ'd, played games, drank wine, and planned the next trip up. We may have lost one cabin, but we've still got two more! Our lake days aren't over, but they'll definitely be different.

I left Sunday morning to go to a wedding shower, and driving out alone seemed so poignant. Both Tim and I got a chance to say "goodbye" in our own ways. It was so incredibly peaceful, and completely deserted. The hills were alternately littered with lilacs and lupines or dotted with cattle.

It was an emotional weekend, with lots of baggage (both literally AND figuratively!). Both of our cars were loaded down as full as we could get them, and we'll be sorting through stuff in our garage for months, it seems. 
I'm really going to miss this place, but change is good, right? Th elake is pretty much the only time we get to see Tim's family, so we're determined not to lose that. 
C'mon summer. We're ready for ya.
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  1. aw, so sad! nice to see Uncle Dave and Aunt Terri's faces!

  2. Yes, it was a very long week-end but productive.

    Your Aunt Terri e-mailed us your blog to watch.

    GOOD JOB BRIT !!!!!!!!!! LaVerne


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