Friday, April 19, 2013

NYC part 2

See Part 1 here!
Our second day of "work-cation" (our first full day in New York) was spent exploring the city/dropping off packets for Tim's potential clients. Our apartment was in Midtown, conveniently located near the majority of his stops, and since the weather was so nice, we decided to walk the circuit.
We picked up paninis at a little cafe somewhere near Grand Central Station and started our adventure. In addition to midtown, we also hit Koreatown, Chelsea, the Flatiron district, the diamond district, Rockefeller Center and bits and pieces of the garment district (not exactly in that order). PHEW! It was a long day of walking, but we were able to see the sights along the way and I got to stop into a few vintage shops while Tim was talking to clients. Not too shabby!
We have a picture of the Flatiron district in our Bedroom! So cool to see it in person.
Not all of it was work-related, though. We made a stop into the New York Public Library and I got to pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw running up those stairs (although let's be honest, I'm much more of a Charlotte).
We explored Grand Central station (neat until you reach the tracks, then it's unbearably hot and stuffy). We walked around Rockefeller center (under construction), St. Pat's Cathedral (under restoration), and both Madison and Washington Square parks. I think in all we ended up walking 200 city blocks that day--dress shoes were a bad choice, Timmy boy!
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Madison Square Park
After the "work day" was done, we popped into Peter Dillon's Pub for drinks. The place was really low-key and filled with businessmen just getting off work to blow off some steam; i think i was the only girl there. The bartender was an old Irishman (all the good ones are, don't you find?) and he was fun to chat with. Good choice all around.
We hit an Italian place called Saluté! for dinner. We had had an early lunch so we were starving by 6:30... And were of course the first ones in the restaurant for dinner. And we were worried we wouldn't get a reservation! It was decent but nothing to write home about, but we used a coupon we found on Yelp and saved $20, so I didn't really feel too bad about it haha. Moral of the story: always visit Yelp in a new city--the reviews and photos are helpful and you could save a few bucks!

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