Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i hate your guts

I killed a bee yesterday.

WITH MY FACE. Like, my actual face.

Yep, it was my first bug-casualty as a permitted scooter driver. It was not pleasant.

I am certain he was a bee because he landed on my lap and I drove the whole way home with them there, too scared to flick him away because the motorcycle handbook says a distracted driver is a dangerous driver and I'm paranoid like that.

I do understand now, however, the helmet salesman's recommendation of a full face helmet. Full face helmets may be bad for fashion but are great for avoiding bug gut facials.

BUT NOOOO. I ignored his advice and purchased the cuter {but still safe!} three-quarter helmet that allowed me to wear my sunglasses, and as a result I had to drive home with a bug-gut booger spread all across my face.

Tim's reaction? "It's about time!"


  1. Oh gosh I'm sorry that happened, but this is too funny!

  2. I am terrified of bees, so naturally this story terrifies me. Go you, on your scooter though! Sounds like a fun new adventure! :)

    Wanted to send you the specific link I followed for the Brussels sprouts recipe:


    Easy as can be!

    1. I am not a fan of bees either; i kept freaking out that it would come back to life on my lap and sting me! UGGHHHH. I'm loving the scooter though; it makes the short commute to work really FUN!

      Thanks, too, for sharing the recipe. I'm TOTALLY trying it this week! Looks delish!


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