Sunday, April 14, 2013

the wedding on Hollywood Hill

These crazy kids are MARRIED!!!
{Get ready; this is a photo HEAVY post!}
The ceremony was held on Mount Hollywood attended by family and close friends who dared to brave the 30 minute hike. I hiked up with my cousins (including Sydney from Korea!!!). It was overcast but warm enough to break a sweat. 
My "baby brother" is all grown up!
Brother Devon and his girlfriend Adri 
Adri, Devon, Cousin Jack, and Tim (and the Hollywood sign!)
Tired! (Cousin Sydney and I; Syd's going to KILL me!)
The guests awaiting the bride and groom
The wedding party and family that could not hike up was bussed up to the ceremony site. They got to stay looking pretty :)
Best Dog Tommy and his Handler Uncle David, being greeted by Jon the groom! 
A pensive Jon. He's getting married! 
Jen is escorted to the site by my grandparents, Aida and John. 
My grandparents and Jon's parents stood by as Jen and Jon said "I do".
LA City Councilmember Tom LaBonge officiated the ceremony, and we would find out he called in a few favors to make the ceremony more "exciting"! 
 They do!

 Now for the surprise! Right after they were introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Jon Lloyd, the ceremony site received not one but TWO flyovers from LAPD hellicopters! Tom LaBonge gave them a call 10 minutes before and said "if you happen to be in the area...!". They wished the bride and groom well by swooping low multiple times and cheering. Never in the history of LA has two flyovers happened. You made history, Jen!
Wave hello to the hellicopters!
They came so close! 
 It was such a fun surprise.

Click here for reception details!
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  1. Hahahah like I care what I look like (I actually find that photo hilarious)! As long as JEN looks good that's all that matters isn't it ? ;)


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