Thursday, April 4, 2013

on being "crafty"

"You're so Crafty"


Here's the thing: I really don't like that word. When someone says crafty it brings to mind glitter glue and puff-paint and popsicle sticks and the types of projects you might do at summer camp.

My projects do occasionally use glitter glue and puff paint and popsicle sticks. But does that make me crafty? What does that even mean?

I think people call me crafty because I like doing things myself. Phrases like "You're the crafty one, what would you do?" and "I'm not as crafty as you" come to mind. Thing is, though, I tend to jump in with both feet when it comes to a project, and discover later whether or not I'm in over my head {See: pretty much any post in the "Tutorials" section for proof; most of them include a "don't do what I did" caveat}. If it takes twice or three times as long as not, and if it looks half or a third as good as if I had purchased it, why is it that I like doing things myself? It's not because I'm "crafty". It's that I get this itch to make something I can be proud of with my own two hands, so I come up with an idea and I do it. Whether or not anyone else can see my vision too.

Sometimes it's inspired by something beautiful I see in a store for which I'd rather not fork over full price. Sometimes, it's inspired by something ugly that I yearn to make beautiful. Sometimes it's this...

 Sometimes it's all of the above ;)

Always, though, it's a compulsion, a part of my essence. I think I can stop being creative like I can stop being a brunette--I can hide it for awhile but the roots always come back. That's not to say that creativity isn't hard work, it IS. Again, see above paragraphs.

I buy things from the store all the time, and I'll never be one of those people who refuse to decorate with anything storebought. Honestly, storebought stuff usually looks a heckova lot better than some of the the crap I've churned out. BUT: there's no substitute for the giddiness I get when I'm able to respond to a compliment with: "Thanks, I made it myself".

I want to leave my "fingerprints" all over my space. Why not make it mine? Does that make me "crafty"? Maybe. I like to think it makes me human.

Whatever the title, I'm sure as heck going to keep doing it :)


  1. Great post. :) I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing! ~Stephanie

  2. This is seriously so bizarre, I was literally just siting here thinking about this same exact topic as I'm doodling fonts and designs because Im too cheap to buy Photoshop and too impatient to learn to use it! Do it myself! I feel the SAME way about the word "crafty". Even worse..."this looks just like Pinterest!" I hate, hate, hate feeling like no ideas are ever original anymore. But that's an entirely different subject! :)

    **disclaimer** I still love Pinterest! I'm all about any source of inspiration!

  3. LOL I know what you mean. I think of being crafty as being resourceful, which it sounds like you are! I definitely craft because I can't fathom paying store prices for things I can DIY!

  4. I love this. (: I've never been any kind of "crafty" or artsy, mainly because I don't have the time for it. I really want to start soon though...especially since I follow a few wonderful DIY bloggers!


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