Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Getting completely RIPPED OFF when getting my oil changed. Since when does "labor" cost three times what the actual replacement oil goes for? And don't think I didn't notice you shaving off a thousand miles off of the next recommended oil change, Jiffy Lube man. Yeah. Nice try {NOT}.  I'm buying a car jack and and oil filter changer-thingy and learning how to do it myself ASAP {or have husband do it, har har}. I've watched my dad do it often enough; how hard can it be?
I sense a pattern here. Famous last words?
Having a group of gardeners decide that not only will they work on the sprinklers directly outside of my office patio, but that my patio is the best place for them to enjoy their lunch. They spent their entire lunch break staring into my office window.
Not being able to sleep for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS. Something is wrong with me, people. I need sleep like nobody's business, but I just lay there for hours waiting for the sandman to sprinkle me with fairy dust so I can fall asleep (isn't that how it works?). When I finally do fall asleep, it's a fitful and nonrestful sleep and it's the worst thing in the WORLD when husband finally drags me out of bed in the morning so I can get to work on time (he literally does drag me, by the way. It'd be funny if I wasn't so  pathetic). Last night husband humored me as I listed off all kinds of vitamins and minerals and their different uses in our bodies, citing all kinds of facts I somehow remembered from high school Anatomy class. It worked, temporarily, but I'm druggin' myself tonight. Excedrin PM, I love ya.

Live-texting with my sweet momma throughout the entire Bachelor Finale. It made the train-wreck that is The Bachelor just that much more fun. :)

Aside: Any other Bachelor fans out there? I hate that I love it so much, but it REALLY makes me appreciate the relationship that I have (and thank the LORD I didn't have to go on a reality show to get it!). I couldn't stand Ben as a contestant on the Bachelorette and I couldn't stand him as the Bachelor, but I still watched it faithfully. I can't get enough of that show. One blogger (FYI sarcasm, alcohol, and profanity abound in that blog. You've been forewarned) kept comparing it to The Hunger Games (the actual games, not the books), and I'm thinking he's got a point?
Having the office {pretty much} to myself this week. This means pandora with the door open {ANY station I want!}. Of course, this being "by myself" has had some consequences... oops.
Catching husband in the living room doing a workout video.... using two GIANT bottles of Costco Dishwashing soap as free-weights {Ohhhhh he's going to KILL me for immortalizing that on the internets. Whoopsies}

Happy Thursday, guys!


  1. whoaaa!!! that's literally so upsetting. having cars fixed is one of the most upsetting frustrating expensive things in life.



  2. Are you wearing the same shorts in both pics??? :)

    1. hahaa I KNEW if anyone noticed it would be you! Yep, and I tossed them right after that second picture (that was after our baseball game!!)--I'd had them for TOO LONG.


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