Friday, March 23, 2012

Lace Inspiration--and I need your input!

I love lace. It's the best. So when husband gave me free reign in the fabric store, I ran immediately to the lace section. Sure, most of it looked like it belonged on a bridal veil or in a Quensenara dress {nothing wrong with that, of course; it's just not what I'm going for}, but I was able to find some fabulous bolts.

{Which I'm keeping secret until I've finished my projects. But one's silver and the other's black, and they're both delicious. Ohmagoodness}

I'm already hard at work on a project with the silver hunk of lacy-goodness I snagged, but I've got big plans for the second roll of black fabric: 
Confidential via Shabby Apple  //  Alice via Shabby Apple
Malt Shop via Shabby Apple  //  Love me Do via Shabby Apple

 BCBG via Bloomingdales  //  Diane Von Furstenberg via Bloomingdales 

We'll see how this goes. The lady at the fabric store bestowed upon me a sewing-project pearl of wisdom: "Sewing projects always turn out well; they just might not be exactly what you planned in the beginning". So there's that!

But anyway, here's where you come in! I canNOT decide which style I like better! Help me out; which dress should I mimic? (you can pick more than one!) Keep in mind that my lace fabric is black.
With the lace I don't use for the dress, I'm thinking of something like these:

via Gap (similar via Urban Outfitters) // via de.dawanda

The shorts are highly unlikely, but the scarf is a definite possibility. I've had my eye on that one for months. 

Happy voting, friends!
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  1. I love lace too--those lace shorts are so pretty and feminine!

    1. I keep seeing lace shorts being worn around town and I want some so bad! I can't tell if they're a short-lived fad or not, but for now I can dream :)

  2. definitely Malt Shop!!!! Gorgeous dress and semi fitted skirt looks pretty

    1. (don't tell anyone, but I think it's my favorite one, too!) I'm nervous to sew with this lace a little bit, because I want so bad for it to turn out, but it'll be an adventure haha


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