Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Lake House

 My title refers of course to the family's lake cabin, not the Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves movie we all love to hate. We went to the lake this weekend! It was windy and rainy and cold and altogether lovely.
Foggy drive up!
We got there and the rain gutter was hanging off the house and water was pouring everywhere. We had seriously JUST fixed the dang thing the last time we were up here!!! Grr. Never ending. Poor hubby had to figure out a way to fix it in the pouring rain.
I made quiche for breakfast. We had the same two meals the entire weekend: Quiche and Vegetable Chowder. We were somehow okay with this.

We played lots of cards

We said hello to the neighbors...
...and the other neighbors.

It snowed in the Mountains! That's pretty much as good as it gets as far as snow around here, so it's pretty exciting.
Dreamy :)
And for making it through the grueling recap photos of the weekend, you get an awkward peek at my "awesome" dip-dyed t-shirt. It didn't come out as planned, but I still love it anyway.


  1. what pretty pictures! I love foggy mornings here. and I am so happy I found your cute blog! xo

  2. YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE A FAMILY CABIN!!! I really enjoyed your photos :)


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