Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is coming.


Sometime between graduating and getting married (which doesn't help that much because that was a year and a half long gap), I bought myself a peach tree in hopes that it would domesticate me. Or whatever. I stuck it in a pretty pot, bought a watering can and fertilizer sticks, and prepared myself to be harvesting peaches in a year or two. 

It was dead within six months. 

I was heartbroken! I have a bit of a black thumb, but I was really diligent in watering it this time!!! {Husband is laughing right now and telling me that he had been sneaking in pots of water when he would come over and visit. I guess I might have been remembering it differently}. 

Because I couldn't bring myself to toss the little thing out, I set it outside in our "backyard" aka dog-less dog run and forgot all about it.

Fast forward six more months, and I need the spray paint I had also abandoned back there (Yikes, I'm starting to see a trend). I happen to notice the little abandoned teal pot with the dead tree in it. But then I notice something:

The tiny thing is barely more than a stick itself, and yet it's got a bud and is starting to turn green again.

Happy, happy, spring is coming.


  1. Yay for spring!!! I can't wait either.

  2. Wow!!! That's amazing! Spring is like hope in your country! I think it's really a happy season! <3

  3. Bahahhaa I'm laughing so hard right now... perfect.

  4. I love spring. Unfortunately, I think winter has finally hit Northern California, LOL!



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