Thursday, March 1, 2012

Really, Kind of, and Not so much

I'm going to focus on the parts of my week that were varying degrees of awesome, even though not everything that happened could be classified as such. 

~really awesome~
  • getting to spend this past weekend with my parents in my hometown! It's always refreshing to recharge my batteries by spending time with my family, and this time was no exception. My mom and I met up with my uncle and grandma in Chinatown, Momma and I did a little McGyvering in the kitchen (and discovered you CAN make cookies using steel-cut oats!), and then had dinner with friends the next day. Five hours there, thirty-seven hours with family, five hours back. Worth it.
  • We've crossed some pretty impressive milestones for the blog this week {impressive to me, that is}! At one week shy of two months old, I've crossed the 50 post mark, had 5000 pageviews total {breaking a hundred every. single. weekday}, and get visitors from 10 different countries daily. The most impressive part of that last fact is the ranking of those countries. I'm apparently pretty popular in Hungary :).
~kind of awesome~
  • Husband gets to go to Tahoe this weekend! It's only kind of awesome, though, because he's going without me. BOO. Something about a guys weekend his family has been doing since forever. I will console myself by eating ice cream and looking at pictures of old ski trips instead. It's just as fun. (NOT!)
    Oregon 2009 and Tahoe 2010, respectively. And just for your viewing pleasure, I'll include another picture from our FIRST trip to tahoe together, AKA the weekend we met (there were a bunch of us, it wasn't just us two strangers!)
    Nevada 2008, photo credit Sarah
    • Being trusted to represent the department at this equipment training thing. We got this brand-new,  fancy-pants video and audio recording stuff to use during research, and I'm going to have to be trained on it (NINE HOURS LONG, today. Pray for me!), remember it all, and then train the rest of the department on how to use it. I'm really honored they thought I'd be able to do a good enough job, but oh my GOODNESS I'm so nervous! 
    • Also related to work: being so caught up in what I was doing (I was on a ROLL and really enjoying myself!) that I ended up accidentally staying a half hour late TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I love that I love my job, but whoops!
    ~not so awesome~
    • Being so tired one day, and falling asleep so early {NINE THIRTY people!}, that I couldn't fall asleep the next day. 
    • Having not-so-great flashbacks to Thailand during our weekend trip to Chinatown (see above). A lot of the foods and meats you could buy there were the same as what we would eat in Thailand, and a LOT of the smells were the same...
    Hope you all had a great week, too!


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