Friday, March 9, 2012

Fake Flashbulbs on Friday

The monumental parts of our lives get documented all the time, but what about the more mundane, everyday things? The little things that inspire us, make us smile, and frustrate us don't always get their time in the limelight.

That's what's happening on Flashbulbs on Friday. Everyday life of the past week, captured through the cameraphone or instagram. Prepare to be rocked by the not-so-mundane:
one ~ Students: Ever wonder why your textbooks are so expensive? These are the castoffs that our department received this past week. TWENTY-FOUR TEXTBOOKS, six copies of the same four books. Ugh.
two ~ Husband and I traded Kindles, since mine has been frozen like this for a week :(. He now reads on the iPad
three ~ The BIGGEST orchid branch I've ever seen (and I've seen Thailand orchid farms), champagne, and a homemade card greeted Husband when he came home from his trip this week. 
four ~ Adorable neon/coral clutch at Forever21. Can't decide if I want to DIY it or DI-Buy it.
five ~ Gorgeous magnolias on campus. 'Tis springtime!
six ~ New filing system at home. We're adults now!
seven ~ Knotted pony. Easiest hairdo EVAH.
eight ~ Stuck in traffic in Montecito. I'd complain, but I'd rather be here than in LA! haha
nine ~ Kickin' my heels up at lunchtime, enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. 
ten ~ Sunset out of my office patio. I'm pretty spoiled.
eleven ~ DIY Calligraphy. (look familiar, Sarah?) ;)
twelve ~ Fishtail braids and sequins (and a blazer!!). I had a fashionable Friday.

As an aside: Do you have instagram? What do you think?

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  1. I love posts like this :) It's the little things that make life fun!

    Charlotte xx

    (Psst.. have you entered the giveaway yet?


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