Friday, March 16, 2012

Gators and Woodpeckers

I was going to post pics from this week from my phone, but the only picture I took this week was of my margarita in a mason jar from date night. We played it classy at a Cajun joint this week. Imagine de-shelling BBQ shrimp with your bare hands, martinis with jalapenos served in mason jars, and giant crab cakes. Yummy, definitely, but safe for cameras? Notsomuch. Oh and there were 'gator heads on the walls. Saweet.

Tonight, I'm off to go spend the weekend with my sweet husband at the family cabin. It'll be a nice relaxing cosy weekend by the fire (if rain) or a busy busy weekend of raking and cleaning and woodpecker-hole patching (if shine). I think you can tell which one I'm rooting for.

Kidding {sort of}. We need rain like nobody's business, and we also reeeally need to get some stuff done. So, either way it will be good. 

Happy friday, friends! What are you up to?


  1. I've got a work weekend!
    Followed. And maybe you'll stop by me someday.

    1. Oh that stinks! I love my job but the weekends are GLORIOUS. Makes me appreciate my job and the times I get a break from it ;)

      And I love your blog--i'll have to browse it when I've got a bit more time!

  2. Oh that sounds like a LOT of fun! This weekend my husband and I went bike riding in central park :)


    1. Bike riding in Central Park!?! That sounds like something out of a movie to this little California girl! Husband and I are DYING to visit NY (never been, boo). Hope the weather cooperated for you guys!


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