Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Short one today, but there's still plenty of Awkward and Awesome in my life to go around:
That look that is exchanged between you and the other car at a four way stop when you both try to go at the same time. Your look says "oh no, brother, it's totally my right-of-way; that's right you get to wait". Unfortunately, his look always says the same thing. Then there's that awkward game of chicken when we both feel self-righteous and the other person is TOTALLY in the wrong... This is my everyday (except for roundabouts; why on earth am I the only person in town who knows how to use those things?!).
An email chain, eighteen emails long, between a furniture distributor and me. Yes, miss furniture lady, I know I can't order replacement parts, I want to order the chair from you. Yes, the whole chair. Yes, the same chair we've been talking about for two months. Since husband works in customer service (and I therefore hear all the horror stories!), I try to be really nice to people who are on the end of the help line, but this was getting ridiculous. Finally, my boss and I just took apart the original chair and fixed it ourselves. Sheesh.

Husband dropping me off at the fabric store on the way home from the lake this weekend. He went to costco and gave me 30 minutes of free reign!!!!! THEN, he brought dinner home with him the next night so I could keep working on the project I had started. Be still my beating heart! 
Finally starting to put together our honeymoon album! Sure, it was more than six months ago, but I've got a Blurb coupon so I'm glad I procrastinated ;). Looking back on all those tropical pictures (plus the fact that the swimsuit I've had my eye on for so long has finally arrived at my door), has me yearning for another vacation :)
This picture, which arrived in my inbox on Tuesday afternoon: 
Cold, cold husband
The air conditioner at Hubby's work broke and started uncontrollably spitting out freezing cold air for three days straight. He said it was 50 degrees inside the office the first day, so he came prepared on the second day with two sweatshirts, gloves, wool socks, and a scarf! Oh and his nerdy headset. Gotta love that.


  1. I love your posts, and husband with his snow gear on at the office. BTW you are an excellent writer

  2. Yay for projects! I hope you share what you're working on sometime!


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