Monday, April 16, 2012

Little notes

Dear husband:
Congratulations on landing your new job!! I am so proud of you, and the sales team won't know what hit it. Just one week more of the call center and you're FREE!

Dear Mad Men;
Why are you only in my life once a week?! I miss the times we used to share; you and me and Netflix. It would be great if you could fix this.

Dear little 'ol apartment:
I am sorry for saying all those mean things behind your back. You really are pretty great, and we're blessed to have found you. I have decided to stop being so awful to you, and start appreciating you more. Let's be friends, mmkay?

Dear Southern California:
You have been so lovely lately, and the husband and I are really grateful. Although the sunburn was a bit much.

Dear Zoo;
Thank you for being within walking distance from our house. We had a lot of fun on Saturday. And the  "giraffe feeding program"? Pretty awesome. We'll be back soon.

Dear Trader Joes:
We need to talk. You can't keep making new and yummy products, because I'm powerless to resist you. It does, however, make for great picnics. Although could you please stop offering samples of your cheese? It's becoming a problem.

Dear papers sitting in my inbox:
I love you. I love you. I love you (maybe if I'll say it enough, I'll start to believe it).

Dear Sunday afternoon:
I have decided that you should be twice as long as a regular afternoon. We have such fun together.

Dear refrigerator:
please don't die. I hear your poor old self struggling for breath all day long, but I'm really not sure what I would do if I came home and you were dead. Ugh.

Dear Ferrari:
Way to make me look bad.



  1. Congrats to Tim!!! I'm right there with you on the small apartment...
    Mad Men is beautiful!!! Myke and I are way behind, but we still love it, we are trying to catch up on other shows-Fringe mostly :)

    Yay for notes!!

  2. Yay for Tim's job, I am so happy for both of you, love you both

  3. Congrats to your husband!
    My husband and I just started Mad Men on netflix. SO good!

  4. I do my little notes on mondays too :) Love this post, I guess I need to start watchign mad men since everyone is talking about! Love Trader joes.. wish they had them in Utah!


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