Thursday, April 26, 2012

taking rentership - vase makeover

Low-cost, high impact, multipurpose. My home decor checklist.

When husband and I were thinking about wedding reception decor, we faced the same problem that we're having in our home: everything was so white! We ended up bringing color to the tables using bottles we had painted with our wedding colors.  
I thought we could do something similar with our table at home. Rather than painting the outside of the bottles, though, which gave a nice matte appearance, I tried something different. I got inspired by Martha. As usual.
My version // Martha Stewart's version 
I loved how shiny and deep the color on her bottles looked! She got the effect by swirling enamel paint on the inside of the bottles, rather than painting the outsides. 
For my version, I just used regular 'ol paint, though. Enamel paint was pretty and all, but it was pricey, and it seemed wasteful to buy it for one project {and for a project I wasn't even sure would work, too!}
The process was pretty simple: I just dumped a little paint in them, swirled it around for a while until the inside was coated well, and then turned them upside-down to dry.  For the smaller "vase" {formerly a glass candle}, I added some white paint to the teal so they wouldn't match so much. It took about a day to dry for the large vase, overnight for the smaller one. 
It was pretty messy, but a quick wipe with a damp cloth took care of the drips. I love them. And with the little yellow vase I thrifted last week, I'm starting to shape the color scheme in there!

Thing is, since I used interior paint rather than the special enamel stuff, my vases aren't waterproof. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty dumb characteristic for a vase.
But wait! I totally thought of that. The smaller cylindrical vase is the perfect size for a tea light holder (or shot glass, when I can't find my tea light holder). For the larger vase, I can just barely sneak a plastic cup inside the mouth.
Tricky tricky. But once the flowers are in there, you can't even tell.
 We're all ready for Spring! :)
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  1. Girl, great minds think alike! You and I have similar posts over at The Shabby Creek Cottage and I like BOTH of them. I want to try your technique too with the more opaque paint. You are so smart to think to add a holder within the vase to protect the paint finish. I am following you now.

  2. You are so domestic. These are really cute.

  3. Love I need to go find some vases at the thrift store!


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