Friday, April 13, 2012

Snapshots of this week

Holy cow. 
It's friday! (when did that happen?)
Sure, it's dumping rain  like a fire hose outside, and I'm a teensy bit afraid I'll get hit by lightning if I leave the building (it's already hit a car on campus today!), but it's FRIDAY.

On the horizon, I see lazy mornings, a shopping trip, two glorious episodes of Mad Men, and maybe a date with my sewing machine? We'll see. Don't want to be too ambitious. ;)

Here are some "little moments" from this past week, as captured via instagram.
Crusty whole-wheat bread fresh from the oven // Bobby-pin curls

"Little House on the Prairie" dress I can't wait to refashion // Blurry bubblegum and bling nails

An after-work surprise*: Macaroons and wine // Flooding outside my office patio has begun!

*I have to tell more about this story. I hadn't had a very good day at work, and so husband commanded me to go upstairs and leave the cooking to him. He made us turkey and goat cheese paninis with tomato soup, which was delicious, but something was a little.... off... with the soup. It was really rich and incredibly thick. I find out later that he didn't see the "condensed soup" label on the can.
Love him.


  1. Bubblebum and bling is such a cute name for that manicure! Love the pink and glitter too, I want to do something like that!

  2. I'm jealous of your delicious looking bread, your bobby pin curls, and your cute manicure! Actually based on this post, I'm jealous of your whole week... except for the thick soup. ;)

  3. Great photos, your nails look so cute! :D


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