Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spam 'n Eggs

Something has happened to the world of email/text messages/phones. What the heck is up with all the spam!?! I get random spam text messages at 4am, scores of spam emails weekly, and my phone will NOT stop ringing about my credit score! This is ridiculous.

Did you know that this kind of communication is called "Spam" because of this video? It's Monty Python and therefore is pretty annoying, be forewarned.

Something about both spam email and the lunch mean being "ubiquitous and unavoidable" (according to the Spam Wiki page, so who knows how reliable that is). Regardless of its actual origins, I relate to the poor people in The Flying Circus wanting nothing to do with spam. Both kinds.

However, sometimes, spam is quite entertaining, and this past week was a week of exceptionally amusing spam email. To avoid another dang virus I didn't open any of these dang things, but there is still plenty to pick apart with the subject lines:

"Your email has been picked to receive $2 million dollars!" 
Interesting, what's my email going to do with that kind of money?

"$500 towards your FREE Kindle Fire!" 
Oh, cool! They're giving me money to spend on something that's free. 
And even if that "free" part was a typo, the Fire costs less than $200 bucks. Explain.

"Spy Gear and Surveillance Equipment!"
Great idea! I'd love to buy sensitive spy equipment from a company that sells and/or buys my contact information. 

"Bad credit? Get a loan TODAY!" 
Haha, I love this one, self-fulfilling prophesy? (and obviously, they don't read my blog, because my credit ROCKS).

"Personal prediction from World Renowned astrologer" 
...a super-personal mass-email, with no name.

And of course, there are the dating ones:
"Meet local singles!""Marry for money!" "Find hot dates over 50!" "Sell your Eggs for CASH!"
Seriously, it's like they read my mind; how do they know me so well (not)?! 
And are the dates over 50, or are they claiming to be able to get me dates when I'm 50?
And the Egg one, haha! How did they know they got a girl's email address? Or were they talking about chicken eggs?

It made me smile on a hazy Wednesday.
Do you ever get a kick out of spam emails? 


  1. I confess.... I have never had any spam before. and I don't think I ever want tooo haha

  2. Hahha your post made me laugh, all those ridiculous spam emails!


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