Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random bits, neither awkward nor awesome.

So I was planning on writing an Awkward and Awesome post today, but I just don't have it together today. My brain is focused on Personality surveys and Correlational analyses and Signal Detection theory and.... Wow, I need a life. Anyway, forgive the randomness; I've got a lot on my mind:

One of my coworkers forgot his lecture notes for class, so I ran all the way across campus* with them for him. The ones I had brought to him were for the wrong class. I had to run back to his office, find the right ones {which had slid under his desk on purpose and were hiding from me}, and run all the way back. I thought I was going to die.
*Yes, i realize that "all the way across campus" isn't really all that far. I still almost died.

Work is taking control of my brain {as evidenced by above intro}. I have graded a total of sixty papers in the past week. I still have forty left in my "in" box. And another round will be turned in next week. Killmenow. 
{also, on a somewhat related note, why do we never accept help when it's being extended to us? I sent an email out to my students last week asking them what they found difficult about this past paper so I could change those things for the next one, and no one responded. Srsly? I'd have said "the whole thing" just to see what happened.}

I'm feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to dye my hair. I am trying to hold out until after the school year is over, just in case it turns out awful, but we'll see how well my self-control holds. Talk me down, people.
like this, kinda. via laurenconrad

Oh also! We've started to think about our "summer vacation". We got bumped off our honeymoon flight {long story, maybe someday I'll share here} and were given free plane tickets that expire at the end of the summer, so we're itching to use them! Husband doesn't get a summer break, obviously, but we were hoping to take some sort of extended-weekend trip.  We've picked a weekend {somewhat arbitrarily but still contingent on the bazillion weddings we get to attend this summer}, and are planning on just picking a place that sounds cool. {any suggestions?}

That is all.


  1. I'm supposed to talk you OUT of that hair color?? Ahh. Okay. Don't go get yourself a new spring look!

    Eep I'm really bad at this. Good luck with your papers!

  2. Do it!! Dye your hair :) I doubt it will look awful, but if it does, u can wear a cute hat :)

    1. haha I got a text from my aunt commanding me to do it because of an article in Cosmo--they say it'll be "out" by summer (which I doubt), and it was now or never. So I did it haha

  3. listen here dumb face. Trashy hos in northern California justify the same kind of look with the bleached top layer of their hair and dye the bottom layer. So, in my most straightforward answer; don't be a ho. By the end of summer you will have hair in those weird colors anyway :) But from the little thumbnail of that picture I did think that was you, not Lauren Conrad haha


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