Monday, April 9, 2012

Wheel of Fashion

Fashion has always been an interest of mine, but never a forte. When I was in Elementary school--we're talking mid-90's, so you can guess where this is going--my go-to was a giant sweatshirt I had borrowed-with-hardly-any-intention-of-returning from Mom's closet and a pair of stretch-pants. They may be called leggings now, but they were AWFUL when I chose to wear them, and I loved them. I also loved matching turtleneck and stirrup stretchpant combos as well, but I do NOT want to talk about that. I'd accompany this with a picture but Google won't even produce an image that awful. To assist your imagination, I present you a similar black-and-white version:
via US Prison Culture


Before I was allowed to pick my own wardrobe disasters, I had a pair of green jeans. THEY WERE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. I hated them, and only wore them a couple times, but their memory stuck with me.

Recently, pictures like this started coming up all over the internet:
Bitersweet Colours // kendi everyday 

I was terrified.
 I resisted this trend for a long time (even if I secretly really liked it) because of those green jeans from Elementary School. However, I recently caved and bought a few pairs. They were on sale, so I figured I had nothing to lose :)

And, you know what? I love them this time around.

Are there any trends you're seeing out there today that were "in" when you were younger? How do you feel about it? I'm remembering jean jackets, faux fur collars, overalls, and neon, to name a few...


  1. i love colored jeans! pair them w/ neutrals or stripes and you can't go wrong!! :D can't wait to see them on you!

  2. I saw the summer collection of my favorite retailer and went "O M G. Neon is back." But pleaseeeee tell me that overalls will NEVER come back...those were sooooo horrible!!

    I don't own colored denim yet. I have yet to find a pair that fits me well. A lot of the cheaper brands seem to really skimp on the quality of the cloth...flimsy pants + color = weird wrinkles and puckering all over my thighs. Not cute.

  3. I remember my fav outfit back then was a grey suede a-line miniskirt (I was about 11) and a white top. So ew. I would never wear a-line ever again!

  4. I got a pair of fuchsia colored skinnies from the Gap. I loooove them. I would wear them everyday if people wouldn't notice that I was wearing, well, fuchsia pants every day.


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