Friday, April 27, 2012

POP! {...goes their confidence}

Pop quizzes are the worst. Apparently, even when you're the one giving them!

I co-teach an introductory lab course with two professors, and they created a quiz on statistics and experimental-design (which I briefly mentioned here. It really was killer). Yesterday, we gave it as a pop quiz. Yes, we gave it on the last day of classes.

Oh my gosh I almost DIED when I handed it out to them, especially when I saw their faces. 
Heart=broken {seriously, i had really bad heartburn throughout class}

I had to be super serious, when all I wanted to do was give them a hug. I prayed so hard for them the whole time. And then went through the whole process again with the second section.

If any of you read my blog, I'M SO SORRY!! 

On the other hand, though, I really hope they did well... 

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  1. Funny to hear what it is like on the OTHER side of this :) haha I HATED pop quizzes too... heart sank everytime!


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