Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Because the weather is bipolar today and the sky can't decide if it wants to rain or shine, I'm choosing 9 things that bring sunshine to my days. Nine things I love today, because I'm too lazy to think of 10. I do have a full-time job, you know. 

I love that I live in a place where I can get sunburned one day because I spent my lunch break reading in the sun and then get poured on the next (I really do. Keeps me guessing. And I like to pretend it makes my body have to work harder, so I can justify eating junk food. HA wouldn't that be nice).
I love my family and everything about them. And I love it when I get to spend a WHOLE WEEKEND with them. AND I love when they send me home with snackies. We just finished the lemon bars left over from Easter yesterday and I died a little inside. I might need to make some more.
My family at Easter. We do in fact love each other.
I love holidays that celebrate something real. Like Easter and Christmas. Although Thanksgiving is great, too. Yummy yummy.

I love my job, love that what I provide for the department is appreciated, and love that I have two months of vacation coming up. Conundrum? Perhaps. But Life is a conundrum.
I love that somehow we've been getting cable in our little apartment. Which means we get Animal Planet. After last night, I am convinced I can be a cat trainer.
I love discovering new things. Like the fact that Turkey Bacon will dissolve at a cellular level if it gets mircowaved for too long. AND, when this happens, the apartment will still smell like nuclear animal products for days afterwards. I'm a better person for knowing this, you see?
I love living in a country where freedom is a given (and love visiting places that do not take freedom for granted).
I love that husband-o-mine. And I am so proud of him. That is all I'm allowed to say this week.

I love {the day after} laundry day. Laundry day itself sucks, but it's awesome to have access to all your clothes again.  My heart does a little dance every time I see my favorite shirt and pants come out of the dryer {Do you have a go-to outfit that you wear immediately after it is clean? I totally do}.

{And please don't judge me for the fact that almost half of those things are food-related. I'm hungry.}



  1. such a lovely post... so positive and upbeat! Makes me love the little things! Also, your necklace in the picture is amazing!

    1. Thanks, it's one of my new favs :). I shared the tutorial on my DIY page, easiest project ever! (PS, your blog is super cute. I now follow the facebook and your pinterest haha)


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